10 Major Benefits of Press Releases For Your Business and Brand


Ever wondered why some brands still opt into press release marketing? There might be more benefits of press release writing than you think. Press release writing creates engaging content for distribution to the journalists of the more traditional media channels. Media like newspapers, magazines, radio, and niche public media outlets are your prime channels for distribution.

Play your cards right, and you can take benefit of the many advantages of a press release. Below we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 benefits of press release marketing to help you understand how.

1. You are in control of your own story

When you are writing a press release, you are the one in control of the narrative. Be it the latest tech development, product release, or a security glitch. You can frame it in the best manner possible for your business and brand before there’s any bad press about it. This gives you full control over the story of your own brand and how it develops.

2. You can improve your SEO with good press release marketing

One of the overlooked benefits of a press release is the opportunity to help your search engine optimization. Using the right keyword strategy and smart press release marketing, your business and brand news can be the first thing people read within your field of expertise.

Tip: Using the right professionals for this is key. SEO can be an overwhelming and competitive field. You want to make sure that you are going in with your best foot forward. Using the right SEO services you can ensure that your brand is claiming all the benefits of press release writing.

3. Assure your audience and clients of your expertise in the field

One of the biggest advantages of press release writing is that you can be the first source of industry information for your audience. With quality press release writing and the right marketing strategies, you can ensure that you are the first to release information on any industry trend. This will build credibility between you and your clients. You could also engage a bigger audience through this.

4. Reach a bigger audience than just your clients

The benefits of a press release include the fact that your content reaches a more general audience. Also, this audience could include not just your current clients but potential clients who would develop a trust in your brand before approaching your business. This is an advantage that few other marketing strategies can provide.

5. It provides content for your social media campaigns

Press release writing does not only create content for your website or distribution outlets. This content and be re-used and reworked into social media campaigns. With the right set of service providers, press release writing is an easy method to create clout for your business and brand.

6. Establishes a new channel for credible industry information – putting your brand at the forefront

One of the definitive benefits of press release writing with proper press release marketing is establishing your brand as a new channel for information. Done right, press release writing can provide your audience with the latest information and keep them coming back for more. This makes your brand the prime spot for the latest industry insights.

For example, Investopedia provides the latest information and academy videos for financial investments alongside providing their own educational technology services for the same.

7. Builds a good relationship with the press and media

One of the more obvious advantages of a press release is that you can build trust with the press and media through a consistent and good strategy of distribution channels. Keeping a good image with the press will work in your favor in case you’re caught in the midst of bad press. Due to their trust-based relationship with you, you will have the upper hand in your brand’s story.

8. Cost-effective for attracting deep-pocketed investors

Having transparency and regular updates about your business through press release marketing will attract investors to your brand. It will be free of any added cost, and potential investors can stay updated about your brand. Investors would know about you before doing any market research and that definitely allows the ball to be in your court.

9. Free advertising (You could go viral)

If you are well versed with industry trends and hit a hot topic, you could get free advertising by writing a press release that goes viral. For example, you could do something extremely out-of-the-box like Chevrolet (see here) and achieve the same result. Or write a terrible poem like Netflix to announce your next show (via The Guardian).

10. Get More Visibility.

Last but not least, one of the best benefits of press release writing is the opportunity to get Visible in the digital and traditional media space. With the right set of professionals helping you out and bullet-proof press release marketing, you can ensure that your business or brand can make a strong footprint in the market. And, we are here to ensure that happens!